Team Building

L&L Training Solutions and Shadow Stalkers

Teams and teambuilding are buzz words in today’s business world. Unfortunately for many organizations buzz words are all they are. Employees often are reluctant to attend any type of training session and this reluctance sometimes minimizes the effectiveness of any effort to build teams.

In order to break through this reluctance it is sometimes necessary to conduct teambuilding sessions in an unexpected manner and in an unexpected setting. We can arrange a team building experience for your management team or employees based upon sound managerial and psychological principles that is conducted in a quiet, relaxing environment and in a manner that is not only unexpected but will allow participants to have a lot of fun while learning and applying teambuilding concepts and principles.

Humans are natural team builders when a real emergency threatens but we can take them out of their normal routine where they see other or rely on each other in a completely new way. Not limited to the mystery format, we can design an environment that will surprise and challenge your teams. Denham's War of the Worlds--where half the guests are invading Martians and half are Earth's defenders--was created specifically as a team building exercise and later converted to a South Jersey mystery adventure.

This is a seriously collaborative arena where the goals and needs of the client are just as important as the skills and abilities of the designers. We think our approach here is unique. Call or contact us with any questions. You'll find L&L Training Solutions in the Links section of this website.