'The Great Game' is a Victorian term coined in the late 1800s to describe British and Russian intrigue and maneuvering for control of Afghanistan. Played out on a gigantic board, the two European powers vied against each other across a landscape of shifting alliances with local princes. Spies were the very heart and soul of the game.

Shadow Stalkers has a humbler, more entertaining mission in life. We have taken 'murder mystery' out of the stilted and artificial confines of theatrical trailers and thrown our web over a wide playing field of shops, maps, ciphers and clues. We've unleashed the killers to play--and prey--on and among our guests.

We do NOT do 'murder mystery' with scheduled snippets of events and clever bits of dialogue. Our adventures run 24/7. If there's a knock on your door at midnight you want to be very careful about what you do next!

We needed a new definition for all this and are pleased to introduce the term 'mystery adventure,' where teams of guests make their own plans and carry them out across the entire Jersey Cape. Our guests are not observers. They're not watching a show. In point of fact our guests ARE the show. Our mysteries begin the moment you check into your room and continue nonstop until wounds are bandaged and prizes awarded.

This approach has worked incredibly well. We've given our guests the chance to arrive as alter egos, as any detective or villain or character they wished to be for the mystery. Props and false clues--just as in The Great Game of the 1800s--are the order of the day.

This creation of ours has expanded into a number of new arenas. Professional training sessions, team building programs and private parties have all been successfully designed and have worked. What's more, we're not hiding what we do. We don't have a script to clutch jealously to our breast. We can help you design a weekend or an evening that taps into all your strengths. If you're looking for something new, for a weekend your guests will never forget or a program that not only breaks the ice but scatters it across the surface of the pond and into the woods . . . give us a call.

If you're still not sure if we're right for you take a look through our galleries. If your reaction is "Oh my God, that's too much, I don't think we can do that," then please call someone else. Denham believes that life is an adventure and needs to be lived that way. If you're threatened by an audience that doesn't sit quietly in their seats, then you are following a different path and I wish you well.

As Tiny Tim said, "God bless us, every one."