The Case of the Deadly Collectibles


September 6-7, 2013


Captain Montague's Bed & Breakfast
229 Center Street
Huron, OH 44839


For reservations call 800-276-4756

Additional Information:

Call that nice Mr. Denham at 419-663-4103 with any questions or poison requests


Sam Shovel, our favorite private eye, has gotten into hot water again! An expert in solving diamond cases (his other hobbies being bourbon and women, not always in that order!) he was on the trail of an international smuggling ring. Inspired by such shows as "American Pickers" this group of thieves hit on the idea of smuggling diamonds hidden in cases of old junk on its way to an "Antiques Road Show" event. This was a great idea until the Great Oogle, the world's largest diamond, was accidentally sold to a 10-year-old boy who bought a box of misplaced fossils for his collection for a whopping $6.50!

Things get complicated by murder, but it's our Grand Return to Captain Montague's and we're sure to have a lot of fun. I don't know why I bother to point this out, but Judy Tann, who runs the Captain's, used to be an English teacher. She and Denham would argue over comma's and grammar all the time.

Do you think that might be a clue?