It Came From Beneath the Sea

October 2010

It was October 2010 and Denham's mind had turned back to the science fiction and monster movies of an earlier time. Ray Harryhausen's special effects were a delight to watch and Denham nearly always rooted for the monster so what could be more natural than to pay tribute to those days with It Came From Beneath the Sea on Kelleys Island?

With a lot of nautical clues and problems--and guest manufactured octopus hats--our audience struggled through the weekend and then endured a grueling finale at "Bag the Moon," one of the island's night spots. We achieved lasting fame when all the guests present signed a dollar bill which was mounted somewhere (with 15,427 other dollar bills) on the walls and ceiling of the "Moon." There's a standing offer of 100 Bonus Points to any future mystery guest who can find it!