The Victorian Villa Inn

This is where it all began some 25 years ago with incredibly good food and gorgeous surroundings. The Villa was exceptional as a mystery site. During our "troublesome guest" phase they played host to the best Sherlock Holmes I've ever encountered short of Jeremy Brett. It has as much atmosphere as any location we've worked and you can't make better friends on earth than the folks who run the Villa. If you're ever in southern Michigan stop in! Their 7-course champagne dinner will linger in your memory for years! And be sure to take a look at our Victorian Villa Gallery!

The Victoria Villa Inn
601 North Broadway Street
Union City, MI 49094
(517) 741 - 7383
The Victorian Villa Inn

The Carroll Villa Hotel

You probably know that Cape May is my favorite place on the planet . . . and the Carroll Villa Hotel is our Mystery Headquarters in Cape May. That about says it all. In fact, the only reason Shadow Stalkers are stalking again is because Mark Kulkowitz, the hotel's owner, dragged me out of mystery retirement and has been, overall, a very bad influence on me! Plus the hotel's restaurant, the Mad Batter, has absolutely irresistible crab cakes and desserts. Their bourbon is very good too! You can check out all their other amenities below.

The Carroll Villa Hotel / The Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar
19 Jackson St.
Cape May, NJ 08204
Tel: (609) 884-9619, ext 302
Fax: (609 884-0264
The Carroll Villa Inn
Photo by David Michael Howarth

Bedford Inn

The Bedford Inn signed up with the Carroll Villa Hotel and has hosted a number of mysteries, usually fielding their own team for the weekend adventure. If Victorian is your style, you have to see the Bedford! Archie Kirk, the owner, has not been a bad influence on Denham but hey, nobody's perfect!

Bedford Inn
805 Stockton Avenue
Cape May, New Jersey 08204
Tel: 1-609-884-4158
Fax: 1-609-884-6320
Bedford Inn