Ravenwood's Night of the Living Dead


November 8-9, 2013


Ravenwood Castle
65666 Bethel Rd.
New Plymouth, OH 45654


For reservations call (800) 477-1541 or visit Ravenwood Castle

Additional Information:

For additional information contact that nice Mr. Denham at 419-663-4103.


In an adventure that's near and dear to Mr. Denham's heart, a small party of human survivors have taken refuge in a lonely hilltop castle. It remains to be seen whether they've reached safety or have walked into a trap for the surrounding forest is filled with zombies--the Living Dead--in search of a midnight snack.

For our humans, your only hope will be to venture out into the night and find the remains of the latest victims. Zombies are messy eaters. They don't brush after every meal and their saliva carries a strange toxin that holds the key to reversing this plague . . . but are you brave enough to face the Living Dead . . . and lucky enough to return with a handful of zombie leftovers?

We'll have a murder as well--it's traditional, after all--but there will be a lot more to fear this night than simply a criminal mind. A lot more! Our zombies will have their own plans for the weekend! In two previous zombie outbreaks our humans came very close to being completely overrun. What will happen this time? Who can say?

This one's going to fill up fast, my friends, and the castle is taking reservations right now so grab that phone and give them a call . . . if you dare!!!