Murder Mysteries

Our weekends are not merely murder mysteries. There's been a murder and there may be more but our game is played out on a very large board--all of Kelleys Island or the entire Jersey Cape. There are no time-outs and no safe places. Everything you do from the moment you arrive may have an effect on how close you get to the solution or whether you survive the night. As Holmes once said, we play the game for the game's own sake.

Private Parties

We've been auctioned off by the American Heart Association in the past with the winner getting a custom mystery in their home for up to twelve couples. The first winning couple wanted a James Bond mystery so we did From Slovenia With Love. The guests were all characters from the Bond films. The point is . . . if you want to throw a party that people will be talking about for years . . . who you gonna call?

Team Building

Human beings are natural team builders, particularly in times of crisis. That's the reason we've risen--temporarily--to the top of the pyramid. The real effect of a team building program is carried out by the guests in the months after they return to normal work. We allow that to happen by taking them completely out of their normal lives and into a fun and intriguing contest where they have to work together in ways they've never imagined before. Pillsbury, CenturyTel, and Pepperidge Farms have all been our clients and lived to tell the tale!