Veteran Mystery Problem #1

Part 1

Vet Mystery Problem 1 I need to know what this is. Your clue is this: Mr. Denham discovered this item during the usual pursuit of his normal interests. No unnecessary digging was required--that is, at least not for him. Mr. Denham's normal interests are all imagination-based and they include 1) his 1861 Civil War home which has become the Denham's private museum, 2) Halloween, 3) writing--he has two writing projects on the docket at this time, 4) war gaming, and 5) mysteries.

The prize is still under consideration . . . but it will be well worth the effort.

Additional clues may be forthcoming. Remember that you'll need to find the answer to both parts of the problem.

Part 2

   Part 2 Pic1 Veteran Clue 1 Part 2 Pic 2 Veteran Clue 1 Part 2 Pic 3 Veteran Clue 1

Here we have a flask or bottle with a most peculiar surface. Clearly, one of Mr. Denham's favorite beverages must have been inside at one time but the bottle itself is a puzzle. The spider web motif covers the entire surface--there's no flat area for a label. And Mr. Denham has seen this exact pattern before, not on a bottle but within an item from a Fleet Avenue establishment that he frequented as a child.

What Mr. Denham wants to know is this.

Who manufactured this bottle?

What--exactly--was in it?

Why does the pattern leave no space for a label?