If you've browsed through our galleries you've probably got the idea that Shadow Stalkers is serious about having fun, about demonstrating that thinking clearly is a valuable and learnable skill, and that we are always open to a new idea or challenge. And you'd be right.

You could be the owner of a B&B that is looking for a new event to fill rooms during the off season . . .you might have a company that is looking for a team building experience that really works . . .or just a perfectly normal person who wants to throw a totally unforgettable party.

During our 20-year run we've done everything from adventure weekends for the largest amusement park in the world to a dark, creepy night for six guests at a B&B. Our best adventures have been the result of collaborations where the client has ideas and goals that they want to see accomplished, and because this is much more a labor of love than it is a business you might be surprised at our cost structure. If you're looking for something easy to do like opening a can of green beans and keeping them neatly on one corner of your plate, we are definitely not for you. If you want to take those same beans, fry 'em up a bit with maple bacon and onion, then toss in a little cayenne and horseradish--the horseradish having just been pulled from your garden--then it may be to your advantage to contact us.

Don't worry about being too far away from Ohio! We can design a program for you to use that will allow you to add your own spices to the dish and end up with an event that is uniquely yours.

To find out what is possible all you need to do is query us at:


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