The Return of the Blob


October 11-12, 2013


Kelleys Island Venture Resort
441 West Lakeshore Drive
Kelleys Island, OH 43438


For reservations call (419)-746-2900 or visit Kelleys Island Venture Resort

Additional Information:

For additional information contact that nice Mr. Denham at 419-663-4103.


I'm sure you'll all be shocked to learn that Denham grew up on a steady diet of horror and science-fiction films and their subsequent--and all too frequent--nightmares. He still remembers how in Steve McQueen's first movie the Blob attacked a small Pennsylvania town but was frozen and dispatched to the North Pole with the help of a quick-thinking band of teen-agers. You can't find quality fiction like that anymore!

Ah . . . but what about global warming? Oh my!!!

It seems that the Blob has broken loose on a drifting ice floe and was consumed by a very foolish school of cod who, while suffering from acute indigestion, were caught and processed by a trawler working for Mrs. Yaul's Seafood. Their top sellers are frozen fish sticks and their Loosiana-good Olive Oyl's Jambalaya Surprise, some of which has made its way to Kelleys Island.

The plot thickens, does it not?

Come prepared for a hazardous but fun-filled weekend where we'll tap into the mad scientist films of the past, not to mention investigating the murder of Dr. Karloff Price. In the meantime . . . please be very careful digging around in the back of your freezer!
Who knows what's waiting in there, waiting for the fateful moment when it's thawed and unwrapped . . . or should I say unleashed.