Training/Murder Mystery

L&L Training Solutions and Shadow Stalkers

Do your employees run for cover when they hear the word “training?” Have past training efforts proven to be less effective than desired? Has morale decreased as a result of training rather than improved? Unfortunately many employees view training negatively and consider it something to be avoided.

Perhaps it is time to approach training in a different way. We can conduct a training session for you in anything related to the “soft skills” area. This includes topics ranging from emotional intelligence, personality type / temperament and effective communication to working with difficult people, managing conflict, observation and deduction as opposed to observation and assumption and critical thinking. Let us do a half day training session on any of these topics (or many more under the “soft skills” umbrella) and then custom design a half day murder mystery (which makes this one full training day) that requires participants to use the information presented in the training session.

Past participants have told us they leave the day with a “brain cramp” (the murder mysteries are complicated and require a lot of thought) however they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and not only learned a lot but were also able to apply what they learned. You can learn more about this unique and effective approach to training by visiting our website. L&L Training Solutions is listed in the Links section of this website.