Mystery Problems

Our style of mystery event is unique. It affords guests the possibility of months of preparation--if they are so inclined--and unlimited options in the way in which they will participate. It's all aimed at having fun.

Some of our veterans have stated the mysteries really get under your skin, that they are almost addicting. That they look forward to them is an understatement and when there isn't one on the horizon a kind of psychological withdrawal seems to be setting in. Not wanting my guests to go cold turkey, we will have a series of Problems for them to grapple with during the off season.

While these little problems are designed for experienced mystery veterans, novices who are intrigued may participate as well. Some clues will be provided, and there will only be one guess per guest allowed. There will be two parts to each problem. To submit an answer you must have a solution for each part.

Write the Caption Contest

For years now ShadowStalkers events have had write the caption contests as a part of the weekend and they've made for some very entertaining breakfast sessions so we're including them here. The shots will all be from Mr. Denham's favorite movies. Neatness and spelling are not what we're looking for. We want the funniest captions you can devise. Just try to keep it clean.

Good luck!