Private Parties

Over the years we've done just about every kind of event you can imagine. Christmas parties, Halloween parties, and for a number of years we were part of the American Heart Association's big spring gala fundraiser which was a lot of fun. The highest bidder got a custom in-home mystery for up to 12 couples on any theme they wanted.

Our first hosts wanted a James Bond theme so we did From Slovenia With Love. All their guests were characters from the Bond films. Next we did The Addams Family Reunion with all the guests coming as characters from the TV series plus a few original creations who fit right in. Costumes and props were part of the fun, as you can imagine, and it was worth doing this one just to see Uncle Fester and Cousin It!

Our latest venture in this direction was our wedding party mystery in Cape May. The bride and groom, Charlotte Scornaienchi and Adam Erace, decided to host a weekend blowout for all the members of the wedding. They rented Widow's Watch on New Jersey Avenue and the entire group launched themselves into solving "The Deadly Diamond of Widow's Watch."

We used the entire Jersey Cape and put them through the same series of problems that all our novice guests face and despite not being real "mystery guests" they did extremely well, racing from shop to shop and ferreting out our hidden locations.

Our killer, Annette Donato, was a cool hand and racked up six bodies. Not bad for a novice! Our guests arrived as characters from Clue and a number of other background themes--we had some crazed hockey fans, hardboiled detectives and a team of New Orleans ladies fresh from the Mardi Gras. You can check out our pics in the Gallery section.

So . . . if you're thinking of throwing a party that your guests will be talking about for years . . . pick any theme or idea and send us a query. If it's possible and intriguing enough, we can make it happen. In a worst case scenario I'll give you a lot of ideas on approaches you can use yourself! For more information please contact that nice Mr. Denham at: